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This guacamole is mild and loaded with healthy cholesterol-lowering fats (no mayo here!)  You can make as large or as small a batch as you wish.  We have plenty of salsa fresca leftover from yesterday, so I decided I’d make a nice big batch of guacamole to go along with it for a quick, snack-type dinner appropriate for a living-room full of football fans.   (They watch football, I cook).

Start with ripe, not-too-soft avocados.

Slice avocados lengthwise, twist, and pull apart.  Remove pit – an easy but risky way to do this is to use a large, sharp knife to thwack to lodge the knife into the pit, then twist and extract.  Reserve a pit or two for later – it is said that leaving the pit in the guacamole will preserve freshness and keep the mash from oxidizing and going brown.

Use knife to score avocado to the skin, but not through the skin, as seen below.  You can easily scoop out the flesh of the fruit now using a large spoon, or just bend the skin and squeeze the flesh out.  Scoop all avocado flesh into the bowl.


The additional ingredients for my guacamole are simple: salt, lime juice, and a wee bit of fresh garlic.  Some people like to add diced onion and/or tomato, and some add heat with peppers, but I like my guac simple and tot-friendly.  I also think that keeping it simple, and using citrus, prolongs the table life of the guacamole.



2-4 ripe avocados
1 small garlic clove, smashed and finely diced
1 lime
salt to taste

Remove skin and pits from avocados and place in medium-sized bowl.  Reserve 1-2 pits.

Add garlic and juice of half of lime to avocado (or whole lime if you are using 4 avocados).  Mash well.  Salt to taste.  Drop 1 or 2 avocado pits into bowl until ready to serve.

Serve immediately, or refrigerate covered (plastic wrap touching the surface of the guacamole) and use within 24 hours.

Happy snacking,

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